Why you may use Google Stadia instead of Shadow
Google Stadia Shadow PC

Why you may use Google Stadia instead of Shadow


As Cloud Gaming becomes more known and other companies try getting into the market, you will see more platforms pop up.

Google saw this market and wanted a piece of the pie. So, they created what is now known as Google Stadia.

Although the target clientele is almost the same. Gamers who want to play games on pretty much any device. The two are completely different.

Google Stadia is more of a game-launcher Esque type platform. You pay for your game, select it, and start playing. Shadow, on the other hand, is a full-blown Windows 10 PC that you can do more than just game on.

Though they both have their advantages and disadvantages, we will be talking about why you may use Google Stadia instead of Shadow.

Ease of use

Google Stadia is a lot easier to use. Theoretically, you log in, select the game you want to play, and you are in business! Shadow requires the setup of a Windows 10 PC, with having to install all the games you want to play. It also requires some other setup to get Bluetooth/USB devices working on your Shadow.


Price-wise, Stadia is cheaper then Shadow. Currently, you can use Stadia for free or upgrade to the Pro version, which is $9.99 a month. Stadia does, however, require you to purchase the games you want to play on their platform, so depending on if you already have the game or not, it may not be cheaper. Upfront.

Shadow currently costs $35 a month or $25/month if you subscribe for a year contract (at the time of this post, there is a $12.99 deal for yearly subscribers).

Well known company

Stadia has the backing of one of the largest companies in the world. Google. This means they have the money, technology, and people behind it that can continue to update the platform regularly.


Google Stadia is similar to that of a console. If you do not want to deal with setting it up and theoretically taking care of a "virtual" pc, then Google Stadia will work better for you.

Final Thoughts

Google Stadia has a pretty large backing behind it. Hopefully, the platform continues to grow and bring people into the Cloud Gaming world. With a current $130 price tag for the Stadia Premier edition, and $10 a month. It is not at all expensive to get into when you consider the cost of a Gaming PC or new Console.

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