World of Warcraft pre-expansion patch is now live

Last updated on Jan 13, 2021

Posted on Oct 15, 2020

With the Shadowlands expansion delayed until later this year, Blizzard has decided to go forth with the release of the World of Warcraft pre-expansion patch, and it brings some significant changes to the popular MMORPG.

Beginning with probably the most significant change in this patch. All characters that were level 120 are now level 50. Blizzard has decided to lower the max level in the game, currently level 50, in preparations for the Shadowlands expansion, which will bring a new level cap of 60. For those who have played vanilla World of Warcraft, this number may sound familiar as this was the original level cap.

Along with the level rework, stats and skills have also been adjusted to accompany the upcoming expansion. Gone are the days of large damage numbers. You may also need to look at what your skills now do, compared to what they did before this patch.

Those who are new to the game or create a new character will now experience a revised character creator. Players will be able to select more details when creating their character and have access to the new face models that allow for more facial expressions for your characters.

New characters will now start in a new zone called "Exile's Reach." This zone has been designed to teach players the basics of World of Warcraft, and it is an entirely different experience from the original start of the game. However, you can skip this new starting experience and instead begin in the original race-specific starting areas.

Once you finish the new starting area, you will be level 10 and spend your next 40 levels playing through the most recent expansion. Veteran players can level in any expansion of their choice.

For many, World of Warcraft will be drastically different. Although I have not played the game for years, I may check it out again to see what the new player experience is like!

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