Xbox lays out future plans, goes all-in on cloud gaming
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Xbox lays out future plans, goes all-in on cloud gaming


In a recent article over on Xbox Wire, Microsoft lays out their future plans for Xbox and the game pass subscription services.

In the article, Microsoft talks about how they are all-in on gaming and that the Xbox Game Pass subscription has changed the way players "discover, connect, and play" their favorite Xbox games.

“We believe that games, that interactive entertainment, aren’t really about hardware and software. It’s not about pixels. It’s about people. Games bring people together. Games build bridges and forge bonds, generating mutual empathy among people all over the world. Joy and community – that’s why we’re here.” - Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, Microsoft

Xbox Game Pass stats

Starting, Microsoft lays out some interesting stats from Xbox Game Pass.

Starting, it looks like those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass have played 30% more genres and 40% more games, with 90% saying they played a game that they would not have otherwise played.

Gaming partners see the engagement of their games increase 8x when they enter Game Pass, and subscribers spend 50% more than non-subscribers on the Xbox store.

Microsoft also mentions how the Game Pass is becoming a discovery engine for games. One of these discoveries includes the partnership with EA to bring EA Play to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, the overall game hours played on EA titles have increased by more than 200%, and EA games have reached millions of new Xbox fans due to this partnership.

Xbox coming to more screens

Microsoft also mentions plans to bring the Xbox experience directly to consumers without the need for a console.

Microsoft is currently working with global TV manufacturers to embed the Xbox experience directly into internet-enabled TVs, without the need for extra hardware, except a controller to play your favorite games.

Microsoft is also exploring new subscription offerings, which may hint at a cloud-only Xbox Game Pass subscription? Yes, please!

Microsoft is working with Telecom providers to explore new purchasing models like Xbox All Access, which would allow consumers to get a console and Xbox Game Pass for a low monthly cost.

Lastly, Microsoft mentions that they are building their own streaming devices to enable cloud gaming on TVs and Monitors without the need for a console.

Cloud Gaming on Browsers

In the next few weeks, Microsoft will be rolling out cloud gaming on the browser, allowing you to play your favorite Xbox Game Pass games on any device that has a chromium-based browser, or for those that have Apple devices, Safari.

Xbox Cloud Gaming expansion

Xbox Cloud Gaming through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be expanding to Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan later this year.

Along with the support of new countries, Microsoft also mentioned they are in the final stages of updating their datacenters worldwide with the latest generational cloud gaming servers based on the Xbox Series X.

This will enable an Xbox Series X|S-like experience for those that play games on the cloud. This means improved load times, increased frame rates, and the ability to experience Xbox Series X|S optimized games.

New first-party games

And lastly, Microsoft mentions that with their 23+ gaming studios worldwide, they plan on releasing at least one new, first-party game into Game Pass every quarter. This means four new games a year, included in your Xbox Game Pass subscription!

My Thoughts

This is all great news, and it is even better news for the cloud gaming scene. With the advancements of technologies, and tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft putting a lot of money into expansion and growth, Cloud Gaming will only get better from here on out!

I am excited to see this, and I am rather interested in a cloud-only Xbox Game Pass subscription... So, hurry it up, Microsoft!

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