Year End Review (2019)

Last updated on Jul 13, 2021

Posted on Jan 1, 2020

As 2019 comes to an end, and 2020 begins, I would like to report how Shadow.Tips is going. I started this blog on October 17th of this year, and in just two and a half months, this blog has grown A LOT more then I thought it would.

I would like to thank every one of you that took the time to view my blog, and I want to especially thank all of those who subscribed to the Shadow.Tips weekly newsletter.

First, I will begin by talking about what has been done since my last Shadow.Tips review post, One Month Later.

How much work was done?

Posts Published: 19

Other Completed Tasks

  • Changed Shadow.Tips commenting system to as they are more privacy-focused.
  • New blog design
  • Added Social Media Share Buttons
  • Set up a Buy Me a Coffee page
  • Fully integrated MailChimp as Shadow.Tips Subscription/Email Newsletter system
  • Added cookie notice + settings to become GDPR compliant as many of my readers are EU based

How many people cared?

All information below was pulled at 5:00 PM CST on 12/31/2019


  • Unique Pageviews - 2,362 (+44%)
  • Total Pageviews - 2,903 (+35%)
  • Subscribers - 16 (+45%)
  • Comments - 2 (+2)
  • Patrons - 0

I was unable to reach my two number goals. I was off by 88 unique views for the goal of 2,450 unique views, and I was off 6 subscribers from my goal of 22 :(.

However, I was able to consistently post three times a week, but I did not post gaming benchmarks. The reasoning behind that is the fact that the hardware tiers have been announced, and should be coming out in early 2020 for Europe, and hopefully soon after for the US.

I will probably wait until the new tiers come out in the US before I start focusing on gaming benchmarks.

January Goals

My goals for January are as followed...

  • Increase Unique Pageviews by 25% (2,953 unique page views)
  • Increase subscriber count by 50% (24 subscribers)
  • More Comments and community interaction
  • Continue to post 3 times a week

I am going to lower my expectations a little bit for the growth of the blog. I want it to grow, but I do not want to set goals that I feel like maybe a little out of reach.

So, these will be my January goals. If you want to help me reach them, feel free to share this blog with your friends, subscribe to my newsletter, and comment some feedback or any extra thoughts you may have on my posts.

I look forward to reaching these goals :).

2020 Goals

My overall goals for 2020 will be as followed...

  • 100,000 total unique pageviews from January 1st to December 31st.
  • 500 Subscribers to the Shadow.Tips weekly Newsletter.
  • Continue to provide excellent quality content for all of my readers :).

Here are my end goals for 2020. I am unsure if I will reach them, but if I do, I will be oh so happy!

My Thoughts of 2019

Even though Shadow.Tips run in 2019 was short, it was exciting! I have run multiple websites but none have been popular. Maybe a few views here and there. Blogging has also never really been my forte, yet, here I am writing for a blog that is gaining traction!

I want to personally say thank you to all of those who have given me feedback, comments, and praise for Shadow.Tips. It makes me happy and pushes me to make sure I do not slack off on getting content out on Shadow.Tips for all of you!

I also want to personally thank every one of my viewers/readers for actually reading the content I am putting out! I am glad that some of my posts have helped some of you, and I hope to continue to do that in 2020 :).

Hopefully, I can do some exciting things like giveaways and better reviews.

For me, the end of 2019 has been rough in my personal life, and the beginning of 2020 isn't going to be fun. But, I will do my best not to let any of you down, and I hope you all will continue to read this blog, and maybe subscribe to my newsletter :).

Again, thank you all for reading Shadow.Tips. I look forward to what 2020 will bring to both my personal life and Shadow.Tips!

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