You can now message others in Google Stadia

You can now message others in Google Stadia

On November 16th, Google announced a handful of new features that have made their way onto the Stadia platform.

Starting with the feature we already know about, you can share your games with others in your family group, thanks to Google Stadia's Family Share feature. You can also message other players on Google Stadia now, thanks to the new messaging feature. You can also use Stadia's "smart replies," which will allow you to respond to messages with your Stadia gamepad quickly.

Along with the new game sharing feature, you will now be able to share clips and screenshots from the mobile and web applications. There was an update to the game capture feature as well. It will now record in-game voice chats.

Lastly, it looks like players will also notice a change to their Stadia Profiles with enhancements that will show games owned, friends list, and more.

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