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You might be able to play Xbox games on your Smart TV within the next 12 months


Cloud Gaming has hit the ground running this year. With the pandemic allowing many to have more free time, Cloud Gaming has been rising. Microsoft's xCloud service is one of them. With the integration with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can enjoy your Xbox games directly on your mobile devices, without the need for a console.

Microsoft has hinted at working on a Windows 10 version of xCloud and hinting at the possibility of Xbox Streaming Sticks that will utilize xCloud instead of downloading and playing the games. Well, now, in an interview on The Verge's Decoder podcast, Phil Spencer was asked if anything was stopping them from releasing a Smart TV application for xCloud to which he responded with "I think you're going to see that in the next 12 months. I don't think anything is going to stop us from doing that."

This is good to hear. It appears to Microsoft will be playing a lot of cards into the Cloud Gaming scene with the focus on bringing Xbox to multiple devices outside of the actual Xbox hardware. This will help them reach more consumers, especially those that do not have the money to drop on new Xbox hardware!

Alongside their push into cloud gaming, it also looks like Xbox could see a future in being a "Hybrid Solution" for gaming.

"When we think about xCloud, which is our version of [Google] Stadia or [Amazon] Luna, I think what it needs to evolve to are games that actually run between a hybrid environment of the cloud and the local compute capability, and that they can actually take full advantage of the cloud that's there and that's available, but also full advantage of my edge compute capability that I have in my home in the console. It's really a hybrid between both of those."

It would be interesting to see how Microsoft and game developers can achieve such a solution.

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