Call of Duty League will be held Online

Call of Duty League will be held Online

Activision has announced that the upcoming Call of Duty League postseason schedule will be held online as a virtual tournament. This announcement includes the Championship. As many other popular tournaments moved to online events, this is not a surprise from Activision, especially since the regular season took place online because of COVID-19.

In a press release on the Call of Duty League's website, "Due to continuing health risks associated with COVID-19 and our collective priority focus on protecting the safety of our teams, players, league staff, and partner personnel, the remainder of the season will be held online. This decision was made with great care, communication, and consideration over the course of many discussions."

The press release states that all competitors will be receiving a universal camera setup that will be active throughout the matches. This camera setup will allow league officials to view and make sure that players follow the rules and are not cheating.

Players are also able to veto any servers they prefer not to play on. This will allow for players to avoid a possibly laggy server that could ruin their gameplay, and cause them to lose.

Lastly, the article states that Call of Duty League will be bulking up their staffing teams to help assist any technical issues that may arise during these online-only matches, and allow for a fair competition environment for all of its participants.

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