Crowd Choice is finally available on Google Stadia

Crowd Choice is finally available on Google Stadia

A largely anticipated feature that Google has mentioned and teased for quite some time is finally available on Google Stadia. The "Crowd Choice" feature went live alongside the release of Dead by Daylight on Stadia this past October 1st.

This feature will allow those watching Stadia streamers on YouTube to choose specific actions that will happen to the streamer in their game. You can make the game extremely difficult for the streamer, or help them out. It is the "Crowd's Choice!"

Currently, it is only available on Dead by Daylight, but that will change shortly with the release of Larian Studios' upcoming RPG, Baldur's Gate 3. On October 6th, those who stream Baldur's Gate 3 will be able to allow the Crowd Choice feature to be active to allow for their viewers to decide what choices the streamer will make throughout the dialogue in the game. Google says, "everything from who your character falls in love with, to which friend becomes a foe can be decided by viewers."


That could surely make it interesting for both the streamer playing the game and those watching!

Google needs to get these features up and running and try to get ahead of the game. With the recent announcement of Amazon's Luna Cloud Gaming service, Google Stadia will be getting some serious competition.

Will you be taking advantage of this feature as a streamer or viewer?

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