Developers use Project xCloud to access Xbox Development Kits

Developers use Project xCloud to access Xbox Development Kits

As daily life continues to change because of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are finding ways to utilize changes that would allow them to continue to work without needing to risk their employees' health.

Today, Microsoft announced ways that it is helping developers out with allowing them to access Xbox Development Kits through Project xCloud. This will enable developers to continue to work from home and access their development kits remotely.

Microsoft has given developers access to the PC Content Test App (PC CTA), allowing developers to access a 60 FPS version of their development kit through the low latency solution of xCloud. It also helps developers as they do not have to constantly download daily builds, which helps them save time.

Many developers currently using this solution are developers in the Xbox Games Studios, as well as some third-party partners such as Infinity Ward, Ninja Theory, Turn 10 Studios, and Playground Games.

"Microsoft's key principle is enabling people to achieve more, and our goal in Xbox has always been to bring gaming to more people. Whether it's by offering up the latest games on a diverse set of platforms or enabling developers to work more effectively at home, we are always looking at ways to help our partners achieve more. We recently announced a new initiative from Azure to create a fast and secure build transfer solution for game developer working remotely, and now we're offering even more ways to work remotely by using Project xCloud technology."

As we continue to see changes because of COVID-19, it will be interesting to see how workflows are changed to enable companies to continue doing what they were doing before the pandemic.

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