EA's subscription service, EA Play, will be coming to Steam on August 31st

EA's subscription service, EA Play, will be coming to Steam on August 31st

Recently, Electronic Arts launched a page on Steam for its subscription service, EA Play. Along with the details of the subscription, we only got a "Coming Soon" for when the service will be available.

EA has officially announced that EA Play will be available on Steam this upcoming August 31st. This news comes in a recent press release from EA, in which they highlight the name change for their subscription service from EA/Origin Access to EA Play, and they mention the Steam release date.

The price for EA Play will be the same as Origin Access. That means you can subscribe for $4.99 a month or $14.99 a month if you want EA Play Pro.

EA Play subscribers will get a permanent 10% discount on all EA games, as long as they are subscribed, access to a collection of games, and get 10 hours of playtime on new games. EA Play subscribers will get access to exclusive items and content in select EA games in addition to the above benefits.

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