Final Fantasy XIV planning to add more housing plots to address ongoing shortage

Final Fantasy XIV planning to add more housing plots to address ongoing shortage

Final Fantasy XIV will be getting more housing plots in the next major patch. This news comes from Naoki Yoshida, the Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV, in a blog post on the Final Fantasy Lodestone blog.

In the post, Yoshida outlines two significant announcements. The first being that there will be a new confirmation checkbox screen for Leve Quests. This is pretty good as the current turn-in process for Leve Quests is somewhat bothersome. Yoshida states that the change will be released in a hotfix at the end of the month.

The next announcement, which is the biggest one, in my opinion, is the plan to optimize Final Fantasy XIV's servers to allow for more housing plots to be added to the game, giving players who do not have a house, the chance to secure a plot.

This comes as the population of Final Fantasy XIV is slowly rising because of the extended free trial that Square Enix generously offers for new players. However, more players mean more competition for housing plots, and with automated housing demolition being suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic, securing a housing plot in the game is becoming increasingly difficult.

Yoshida states that the plan is to get as many housing plots as possible added to the game when patch 5.4 is released.

I sure hope this happens. I would love to be able to secure a housing plot finally!

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