Heart of Deimos brings a new open-world area to Warframe

Heart of Deimos brings a new open-world area to Warframe

Warframe players are now able to experience something new. With the release of the Heart of Deimos expansion, players can now experience a new open-world area within the Warframe universe. This expansion is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users.

The Heart of Deimos expansion contains new threats, mechs, and more. The new questline that the expansion brings will take players to the Cambion Drift. This is the third open-world area in Warframe, following the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis, and can be accessed by first completing Mars Junction on the in-game Star Chart.

One of the best additions to Warframe from this expansion is the addition of the Helminth. This is a system that allows you to transfer power from one Warframe to another. Alongside the Helminth, you will also be able to complete new bounties, collect new materials, and conserve wildlife.

The expansion also adds in the new community designed Warframe, Xaku, an overhauled new player experience, and tameable Infested companions. You can check out the update trailer below.

You can find the full list of changes over at Warframe's official website.

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