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Here at we respect our users privacy. This is because we are all sick of how large companies are collecting our Data and using it to make money. Originally, had a Discord group, but Discord isn't the greatest at Data Privacy, and so, we started to look elsewhere.

That is when we came across Telegram. Although it does not have the "Community Focus" that Discord has, the application is privacy-focused and user friendly. So, we decided to take down our Discord and move to Telegram. Below, you can find the links to all of our Telegram Groups and Channels!

Channels - General announcement channel where we announce every new blog post directly to your Telegram.

Groups - General - Telegram chat group for general discussion about PC Gaming and Cloud Gaming. - Shadow PC - Telegram chat group for Shadow PC users or those interested in the Shadow Platform! - Amazon Luna - Telegram chat group for Amazon Luna users or those interested in the Amazon Luna Platform! - Google Stadia - Telegram chat group for Google Stadia users or those interested in the Google Stadia Platform! - NVIDIA GeForce Now - Telegram chat group for NVIDIA GeForce Now users or those interested in the GeForce Now Platform! - Microsoft xCloud - Telegram chat group for Microsoft xCloud users or those interested in the xCloud Platform!