Scoring System - Mouse

The Mouse Scoring system we use follows Five different aspects of the Mouse rated on a score of X/10.

These Five aspects are...

Build and Design

How well the Mouse is built and how it looks. This includes design, weight, wireless/wired, rechargeable, battery, etc.


What is the Button Layout? Are the keys in logical places?

Productivity Experience

How does the keyboard feel for a typist? Is it loud, smooth, heavy, rough, etc?

Gaming Experience

How well is the keyboard for gaming? Does it cause issues with specific shortcuts? Does key wobble affect finger positioning? etc.


Is the software easy to use? Does it make sense? Does it require learning, or can you jump right into it?


At the end of each post will be a verdict section that will include the total points from all aspects listed above.

  • Scores of 0-20 out of 50 would fall under the Not Recommended category.
  • Scores of 21-30 out of 50 would fall under the It's Okay category.
  • Scores of 31-40 out of 50 would fall under the Recommended category.
  • Scores of 41-50 out of 50 would fall under the Highly Recommended category.

Remember that all of our reviews are the personal opinions of the reviewer. What may work out for them may not work out for you.

The Scoring System is subject to change at any time, so make sure to check back here frequently if you want to see if anything changed!