Luronia Cloud - Our Final Fantasy XIV Free Company!

Luronia Cloud - Our Final Fantasy XIV Free Company!

Whew, has it been a decent amount of time since I started For those who follow us, you would know that our goal is to create a great gaming community with access to unbiased gaming journalism.

That is why I started the Discord, and now, the Free Company on Final Fantasy XIV, Luronia Cloud.

Luronia Cloud is based in the Aether Datacenter on Midgardesormr. Our focus is to build a great community for both new and old players alike, so if you are on the Midgardesormr Server, feel free to reach out to me in-game, Arya Asanari, or by reaching out to me on Discord!

Anyone is welcome to join, so don't be afraid :).

You can head to the official website for more information; otherwise, you can join us on the Discord!

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