Microsoft is reportedly bringing xCloud to iOS next year

Microsoft is reportedly bringing xCloud to iOS next year

With the recent announcement of Amazon Luna, many were shocked to see that Luna would be available on iOS devices. They can do this through the use of browser-based streaming technology, much like how Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now can offer their streaming services through the Chrome web browser.

Microsoft has taken note of it, and according to Business Insider, in an internal meeting, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, stated that they would end up on iOS through browser-based technology. This will allow them to bypass the App Store restrictions, as the service would be available through a browser, instead of needing to be an application on the App Store.

Sources have also told The Verge that Microsoft has already been developing a direct browser-based solution to get the platform on iOS sooner, rather than later. However, they are still working on getting xCloud officially on the iOS platform, without the need for this type of workaround.

Microsoft is also looking to bring xCloud to Windows 10 PC's in 2021. They have been previewing technology with employees over the last few months, and they hope to release it to Windows 10 next year.

I personally like the idea of being able to play your games directly in your browser. So, if Microsoft can bring this technology to xCloud, that would put them up against GeForce Now and Stadia. With Amazon's Luna on the way as well, that just leaves Shadow without a browser-based solution.

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