Minecraft Dungeons to get DLC on September 8th

Minecraft Dungeons to get DLC on September 8th

Minecraft Dungeons has already received a few updates since its release. On September 8th, Minecraft Dungeons will be receiving its next DLC, Creeping Winters.

This update comes after the recent Jungle Awakens DLC, which offered some additions to the game, alongside a free update for all Minecraft Dungeons owners.

This new update will bring to the game more dungeons, new weapons, armor, and artifacts. The DLC will also be released alongside another free update that will bring new merchants and Daily Trials to the game. This will allow you to save captured merchants while you play the game, and they will set up shop in your settlement as a thank you for helping them!


New merchants include a Blacksmith, which will upgrade items for you, and the Gift Wrapper, which will allow you to trade items with other multiplayer players. You are also able to level up the merchants to increase the stock they offer.

The new Daily Trials will give you new challenges to complete each day. Daily Trials supposedly make "wild changes to the game mechanics which prove difficult, experimental, or fun challenges for you to overcome."

Those who own the Hero Edition of the game will have access to the DLC upon its release. Otherwise, you will have to purchase it separately to get access to the content.

Are you excited for the release of this upcoming DLC?

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