Monster Hunter World: Iceborne update to add two new monsters

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne update to add two new monsters

Next week, Capcom will be rolling out a new update for their blockbuster game, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, on April 23rd. This will be the first update that will release simultaneously on both PC and console.

This update will include two new monsters, Kulve Taroth returning as a Master rank quests, and Arch-Tempered Namielle.

The Kulve Taroth master rank quest will allow players to fight this beastly Elder Dragon and craft new master rank hunter and palico gear from their spoils. The materials found from defeating Kulve Taroth can also be used to upgrade the weapons obtained from the Kulve Taroth Sieges.

Arch-Tempered Namielle will be introduced to the game as a limited-time event quest that will allow you to create new armors from the materials this beast will drop.

So get hunting so you can challenge these new magnificent beasts!

Are you excited for some new hunts?

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