Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta for PC and iOS, Ubisoft+ on Stadia, and 1080p streaming on PS Now

Last updated on Apr 24, 2021

Posted on Apr 24, 2021

Happy Saturday! It has been another big week for cloud gaming. Someone got around to translating some of the French court documents for Shadow's parent company's bankruptcy. Let us just say... it is not looking good for Shadow to be an affordable Cloud Gaming service in the future...

Xbox Games on your PC and iOS via the cloud!?

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You heard that right! Microsoft has announced that a limited beta will begin for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Windows 10 PCs and iOS Phones/Tablets.

This has been hinted at for quite some time, but it is finally coming into the main spotlight. The beta will be available for a select number of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and will slowly roll out to more over time.

Our Thoughts... Xbox Cloud Gaming has needed to be released for the PC and iOS for quite some time now. It is good to see that they are pushing forward in getting this out to the public. Hopefully, all goes well with the beta, and we can see a full release before the end of the year!

New games everywhere!!!

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Between Google Stadia, GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, more than 20 games have hit, or will be hitting, cloud gaming services.

Google starts by announcing the release of the Yakuza spin-off game, Judgment, on Stadia, along with the official release of Ubisoft+ support. Ubisoft+ will allow you to play all the available Ubisoft games on Google Stadia with a single, additional, monthly subscription cost of $14.99.

Google also announces two management games coming to Stadia later in the year, Farming Simulator 22 and Legend of Keepers.

Then, we have the announcement from Xbox for the new games coming to the Xbox Game Pass. Out of the six games coming to the subscription service, five of them will be available to play through Xbox Cloud Gaming. Xbox also announced a handful of other games receiving touch control support!

Lastly, NVIDIA announces 15 games coming to GeForce Now. A rather big list of games puts the total number of added games this month to over 50!

Our Thoughts... Nothing much to say here except... Keep Them Coming!
The more games becoming available on the cloud, the more intriguing it would be for someone to try out their favorite games on these platforms! I am still waiting for Final Fantasy XIV to get an official cloud release...

PlayStation Now higher resolutions and new plans?

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Shockingly, PlayStation Now was in the news this week with one major announcement and one exciting announcement.

Firstly, 1080p streaming is now available and will roll out to all servers over the next few weeks. This is a jump from the current 720p resolution cap that PlayStation Now has had for a while.

Next, in a translated interview with the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, it looks like the company has a new cloud gaming strategy. It is currently unknown if they plan on replacing PlayStation Now or building a new one that will be exclusive to the PlayStation console. Still, either way, it does not look good for PC PlayStation Now players!

Our Thoughts... 1080p streaming support is a significant announcement. However, they do need to upgrade their services and make it more... stable. The statement of a new Cloud Gaming strategy is also interesting. But, it looks like they will be focusing on bringing it solely to the PlayStation consoles and leave other platforms out of it. So, it would be interesting to see what happens!

Bandwidth Caps - How it can destroy Cloud Gaming and help it grow

Last Sunday, I released an opinion/research post about Bandwidth caps and how they may help or hurt the Cloud Gaming industry. Feel free to check it out when you have time! It is a good read, especially if you have a bandwidth cap.


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