No Man's Sky Desolution Update brings the scary part of space to the game

No Man's Sky Desolution Update brings the scary part of space to the game

No Man's Sky is a rather calming space exploration game. You fly to planets, exploring wildlife, and more. Well, with the most recent major update, Desolation, that is about to change.

The Desolation update will allow players to explore abandoned space freighters popping up across the star system. Be careful, though, as these abandoned freighters hold dangerous hazards and hostile lifeforms.

Each abandoned freighter will be procedurally generated as players explore it in search of salvage and upgrades. The ships can be explored by yourself or with a team of players.

Hello Games clarified that they improved and balanced weapons to create a more dynamic combat experience for the players. The freighters also hold lore that has been left behind by the initial crew of the ship. This allows you to find out their story and what happened to them.

You can find a full list of changes to the game for the Desolation update over at the official website

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