NVIDIA GeForce Now requires developers to "opt-in" their games

NVIDIA GeForce Now requires developers to "opt-in" their games

As you may have noticed, NVIDIA GeForce Now has gotten a lot of bad press for including games in its library that they did not have permission to do. Some big publishers even pulled out from GeForce Now because they made deals with platforms like Google Stadia, or they didn't want their games on the GeForce Now platform.

To combat this, NVIDIA announced that from now on, if a developer/publisher wants their games available on GeForce Now, they will need to opt-in to the platform.

This will hopefully cause fewer issues in the future, with companies pulling games from the platform. Unfortunately, this could not be good in the short term.

The good news is that gamers who use the platform will not experience their favorite games being pulled from the GeForce Now library due to the lack of communication between NVIDIA and publishers.

The bad news is that gamers will now need to wait until these developers/publishers opt-in to using GeForce Now for their games.


NVIDIA stated in its blog post that opting in will not cost anything for publishers, as GeForce Now is an extension of the PC ecosystem, they will not need to optimize their games for the platform.

Since NVIDIA announced this new process, they have had over 200 publishers committing to the streaming service. This is excellent news, and it shows that NVIDIA GeForce Now may pick up even more games to add to its library.

If you do not know what GeForce Now is, it is a Cloud Gaming platform that allows you to play games that you have already purchased on platforms like Steam and the Epic Game Store. Unlike Google Stadia that requires you to repurchase the game on their platform, you can play the games you already own.

You can play games such as Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Fortnite, and much more on GeForce Now. So why not check it out?

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