Post Sponsorship Pricing

Pricing for Future Article Sponsorships

  • $125 for a sponsor spot on all articles written in a week + our weekly newsletter

Pricing for Past Article Sponsorships

  • $25 for a sponsorship spot on a past, non-sponsored, article.


All Sponsorship spots are permanent, and they will be on the post indefinitely.

For the Future Article Sponsorships package, all articles written starting the week chosen will have your sponsorship added to them. At a minimum, we write four articles per week, and we send one newsletter.

If you are interested in seeing our traffic statistics on the overall site, as well as past articles, you can head over to our public Fathom Analytics Dashboard.


Send me an email at if you are interested in sponsoring articles. Invoices will be sent through Stripe, and must be paid before the week of your sponsorship, or prior to adding your sponsorship to previous, non-sponsored, posts.