RemoteMyApp receives €2 million in financing for their Cloud Gaming startup,

RemoteMyApp receives €2 million in financing for their Cloud Gaming startup,

RemoteMyApp, the Polish Cloud Gaming startup behind, received €2 million in financing from the Telekom Innovation Pool GmbH. The Telekom Innovation Pool GmbH is a strategic investment fund of the international telecom giant Deutsche Telekom.

In a press release on, they state that this "investment will accelerate RemoteMyApp's international growth and allow for rapid innovation in key technologies."

In a statement from the CEO of RemoteMyApp, Andreas Hestbeck, "Cloud gaming has quickly become a universally desired form of entertainment and global businesses are looking to benefit from that trend. We've been running our successful product,, long enough to say that we are the ideal B2B partner for providing global players with a fully-customised cloud gaming solution. We are thrilled that Deutsche Telekom recognised our value early on and are looking forward to welcoming new partnerships worldwide." is a Cloud Gaming app that is similar to GeForce Now. It allows you to play games you already own on multiple devices. Currently, depending on the subscription package you select, there are 82 games or 181 games in their library. launched in 2017 and has been downloaded over 10 million times across all of its available platforms.

You can read the full press release over at

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