Dell Latitude 14 5410 Review - Intel i5 10310U - Will it Cloud Game?
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Dell Latitude 14 5410 Review - Intel i5 10310U - Will it Cloud Game?


The Latitude 5410 is one of Dell's mid-range business laptops. It has a thicker design compared to other business laptops in its category, but it makes up for it with the computer's overall rigidity.

The configuration of the test device:

  • CPU: Intel i5 10310U
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Memory: 8GB 2666MHz DDR4
  • Display: 14in, 1920x1080, 60hz

The MSRP of the configured device comes out to just above $2030 USD. At the time of this review, Dell has the configuration available for $1150 USD.

This is not a full review for the actual device, but how well it will run Cloud Gaming software. So, keep that in mind when reading through this review!

The Design and Build Quality


The Dell Latitude 5410 utilizes a plastic shell that is reinforced by carbon fiber and magnesium. The case's overall look and feel is perfect, allowing for a smooth and clean look to the Laptop without sacrificing the strength and build quality of the case.

The screen can barely be flexed. However, it is good to note that any pressure to the screen's back casing will show some disruptions in the display.

The hinges on the screen are solid. When open, the screen is held in place, with minimal wobble if you accidentally knock your screen. The Laptop does require two hands to open.

The bottom shell of the Laptop is perfect as well. The keyboard of the Latitude 5410 is built into the bottom body, sporting minimal keyboard flex and a sleek design. Along with the keyboard is the trackpad. Although a little on the small side, the trackpad has an excellent feel, and mouse movements have pinpoint accuracy.



Out of the box, the Laptop's performance is perfect for productivity work. The Intel i5 10310U Quad-Core processor brings more than enough for multitasking your standard office tasks.

You can use this device to navigate through the web effortlessly, run your favorite word processor, video chatting software, and more, all at the same time, without any issues.

The best part about it? It handles Cloud Game streaming like a boss!


Using Shadow with this Laptop has been one of the best experiences I have had in a while. Shadow launches without an issue, and I have not run into any performance bottlenecks from the integrated GPU in this Laptop.

CPU usage stays at around 20% while using the Multi-screen feature in Shadow with two 1080p/60hz monitors.

Google Stadia

Using Google Stadia through the Brave Chromium browser, the game stream worked perfectly. No noticeable screen tearing or issues with the games. All inputs acted as usual, and CPU usage barely hit 20% usage while in use. However, there was a significant memory usage increase due to using Google Stadia in a browser.

GeForce Now

Much like Google Stadia, using GeForce Now through the Brave Chromium Browser resulted in a perfect game stream that displayed my game with no noticeable screen tearing or pixelations. Again, the Intel i5 Processor in the Latitude 5410 handled it like a boss!

I/O Ports

  • 3x USB 3.0 Ports
  • 1x USB-C Port
  • 1x 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • 1x 1Gbps Ethernet Port
  • 1x HDMI 1.4b Port
  • 1x Power Port

The I/O on the Dell Latitude 5410 is good. With the three USB 3.0 ports, you will have more than enough to connect your mouse, keyboard, and additional peripheral if needed. The USB-C Port can support DisplayPort transfer. This allows you to hook up a monitor through a USB-C to DisplayPort cable, or if you have a USB-C Monitor, you could hook it up to your Laptop and avoid the need for a power cable!

For Cloud Gaming, the I/O on the Latitude 5410 is more than enough.  You can game on its 14-inch screen, or you have enough ports to hook it up to an external monitor. With the Intel i5 10310U processor, it can handle up to 4k displays.


The Dell Latitude 5410 is among the best laptops you can buy if you are looking for something with self-repairability. The Laptop is built for business use, which means that many parts in this Laptop are repairable/replaceable.

When you look at other consumer laptops, you may notice that the memory is soldered to the motherboard or that the battery cannot be removed. With most business laptops, you can pretty much replace them.

If you are looking for a decent Windows 10 laptop that will last you and can be repaired relatively easily by yourself, then the Dell Latitude 5410 should be something you look at.

However, the Laptop is on the higher end in cost. Heck, you can get the more premium Dell XPS 13 or the new Apple M1 Macbook Air at this price point.

But, with those laptops, you sacrifice the self-repairability that the Dell Latitude 5410 provides. So, it is ultimately up to you.

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