Logitech G305 Mouse Review

Last updated on Jun 28, 2021

Posted on Jul 13, 2020

I recently picked up the Logitech G305 after researching what mouse I should purchase to replace my Corsair Scimitar Pro after the Scrolling Wheel started to annoy me.

For me, the G305 is a significant change. One, it is a wireless mouse, and two because it is my first Non-MMO mouse I have owned in the last seven years.

Here is my review on the Logitech G305, and my experiences with it.

Quick Overview

The Logitech G305 is an excellent Wireless Gaming mouse at a budget level price. Offering low latency, extremely long battery life thanks to the HERO sensor, and decent weight, this mouse is excellent for both Casual and Competitive gamers.


  • Height: 116.6mm (4.59in)
  • Width: 62.15mm (2.45in)
  • Depth: 38.2mm (1.5in)
  • Weight: 98g (3.4oz) with Alkaline AA battery | 82g (2.9oz) with Ultimate Lithium AAA battery + aluminum foil


  • Wireless using Lightspeed Technology
  • 1ms Response Rate
  • HERO Sensor
  • 12,000 DPI Maximum
  • 6 Fully Programmable Buttons

What's in the package?

  • Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse + Dongle
  • AA Duracell Alkaline Battery
  • Logitech G Sticker
  • Logitech G Booklet
  • Warranty Information
  • USB Extender for Dongle

Full Review

Build and Design

At first look, the Logitech G305 appears to be an all-plastic mouse with smooth angles and a symmetrical look. This is correct as the G305 is built with sturdy plastic without any loose-fitting pieces.


The left and right-click on the mouse feel stable and responsive, although a tad bit loud. The middle mouse wheel feels solid as well. Scrolling feels seamless, and the click feels responsive, just like the left and right-click. I also prefer the feel of the mouse wheel on the G305.

Below the mouse wheel, there is a DPI switch button with a small LED to indicate what DPI profile you switched too.


On the mouse's left-hand side, you will see two side buttons set as the Forward and Back buttons. These buttons feel a tad mushy but are still responsive, none-the-less.


On the bottom of the mouse, we can see the sensor and the G305 On/Off switch.

Pulling off the back cover, we can see the battery chamber, as this mouse is not a rechargeable mouse.


Using the included battery, the mouse comes to 98g, with most of its weight being to the back of the mouse. Personally, this felt extraordinarily unbalanced and somewhat annoying to use. Switching out the battery with a lithium AA battery will help with the weight, but for the best balance, using a Lithium AAA with some aluminum foil or a AA adapter will provide the best results, bringing my G305 to 82g.

The G305 does not include RGB lighting. For some, this may be a deal-breaker, and if you require RGB lighting, I suggest looking at the G-Pro Wireless.


Overall, with the mouse's build quality and the simplistic yet useful design, I give this mouse an 8/10 for build and design.

Button Layout

This mouse is not a button rich mouse. You have your typical Left, Middle, Right clicks, a scroll wheel, a DPI switch, and two side buttons for Forward and Back.

Using the Logitech Gaming Software or Logitech G Hub software, you can customize these buttons however you deem fit. With the G-Switch function, you can include a few more customizations to these buttons.

Although the mouse lacks buttons, it is not difficult to access the buttons, and with the customizations, this mouse is a perfect addition for a lightweight, budget wireless gaming mouse.

The G305 gets a 7/10 for the button layout.

Productivity Experience

Using this mouse as my daily driver for the last few weeks, I can say that it is wonderful. The mouse has two modes, Performance and Endurance mode. Setting it to Performance will configure the mouse to have a 1ms Response Time, which is great for gaming, but not necessary for web browsing and other office-style work.

For this, I set the mouse to Endurance mode, which aggressively sets the mouse into a battery saver style mode with significantly less Response Time and an aggressive sleep mode on the sensor. This puts the sensor to sleep within a few seconds of idle and puts the whole mouse to sleep soon after that.

For gaming, this wouldn't be ideal, but for productivity work, this has deemed to be the most effective way of conserving battery life, while still having a great wireless mouse.

The G305 gets an 8/10 for productivity.

Gaming Experience

For gaming, my experience will differ from quite a few people. I am not an FPS gamer, and thus my gaming review wouldn't be great for those who would like to know what I think of the mouse for FPS games. However, I am an MMO gamer. My main game of choice is Final Fantasy XIV, and even though I do not have to be as accurate at all moments as I would in an FPS game, I am a healer, and it requires a lot of focus, and clutch saves.

When gaming, I put the mouse into performance mode. This ensures that the HERO sensor is on and ready whenever I need to move my mouse quickly. Add the 1ms report rate and the lightness of the mouse; I can glide it effortlessly across my mousepad to ensure I can heal my party members quickly and efficiently.

Although I miss the thumb number pad like that on MMO Mice, I do not miss the weight and the cord.

The G305 gets an 9/10 for gaming.


For the G305, you can use two official versions of Logitech's software. You have the older, depreciated Logitech Gaming Software, and the newer Logitech G Hub.


I recommend using the Logitech Gaming Software at the time of this review. This is because G Hub broke for me multiple times while trying to adjust the response rate of the G305. When it is broken, you are unable to modify the response rate.


Once the G Hub is more stable, both software will fit your needs for this mouse, and both software are straightforward on how you use them to get you up and running with customizations or mode switching quickly.

Software gets a 6/10.


Final Score: 38/50 - Recommended

The G305 is a great mouse. From build quality to the sensor's efficiency, the G305 will work wonders for any type of game.

The G305 can last months when used daily on a single AA alkaline battery, and even more if you use a Lithium AA or AAA battery. Managing the modes between Performance and Endurance will also elongate the life of the cell, however, if you can not be bothered by continually switching modes, keeping it on the performance mode will still get an exceptionally long battery life.

The inclusion of Logitech's Lightspeed wireless technology also makes this mouse feel like it is wired. I have not experienced any major latency issues, or mouse trailing that many have complained about in the wireless scene for years.

Logitech has upped the wireless mouse game when it comes to competent wireless gaming mice.

For a budget price of, at the time of this review, $49.99, this is a great value, and at only 1/3rd of the cost of Logitech's flagship G-Pro Wireless, you can't go wrong!

I recommend the G305 if you are looking for a new mouse to use for gaming, in-fact, this may be my "end-game" when it comes to gaming mice as I thoroughly enjoy using it, and there is a large modding community behind the G305.

Interested in getting the Logitech G305? Check it out on Amazon today!

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