ROCCAT Juke - USB Sound Card on a Budget
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ROCCAT Juke - USB Sound Card on a Budget


As an avid Shadow Ghost user, I was in need of something to connect my Sennheiser 558HD's to the Ghost without using the built in 3.5mm jack.

As much as I love the ghost, the sound quality is not the greatest when using the 3.5mm audio port. In my opinion.

And thus, I went on a lookout for a cheap, yet quality sound card that could drive my Sennheiser's with decent sound quality. And thus, I ended up with the ROCCAT Juke. A USB sound card perfect for 3.5mm compatible headphones and headsets.

Roccat Juke

The ROCCAT Juke is a plug and play 3.5mm to USB sound card developed by ROCCAT. It offers a fully customizable software suite with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound for an immersive experience when gaming.

Design and Quality

The ROCCAT Juke has a compact design with two 3.5mm ports on it for compatibility with pretty much any stereo Headphones/Gaming Headsets on the market today.

The ROCCAT Juke's dark coloring allows for it to blend with its surroundings rather easily, and the single blue LED light adds a little touch to the design.

The Juke is made out of mostly plastic and standard USB wiring.


The Juke requires a USB 2.0 port that will allow for sampling rates of 48K/44.1KHz. This allows for standard DVD/CD transmission quality.

There have been some reports that some headsets do not work well with the ROCCAT Juke as the power required from the Headsets is too much for the Juke to handle.


The ROCCAT Juke comes with a decent software suite that allows for you to customize the sound output for your devices.

From setting up 7.1 Surround Sound to a built in equalizer to adjust frequencies, the software covers all of the basis' you need to get the best sound quality out of your headset and/or headphones.

You can even take customization a step further, and use custom equalizers like Equalizer APO and similar software if the built in software does provide what you need.

My Experience

The ROCCAT Juke works wonders when it comes to driving my Sennheiser headphones on my Shadow Ghost. Compared to a dedicated sound card, they hold up really well when taking into account the cost of them compared to that of a sound card.

If you have the money, I would highly suggest looking into USB DAC's, however, if you are looking for a budget device. The ROCCAT Juke will work wonders for you.

At the time of this post, the ROCCAT Juke's MSRP for $20. A rather affordable price in my opinion.

Interested in purchasing the ROCCAT Juke? Click this link!

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