Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Review for Shadow
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Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Review for Shadow


Welcome to the first iteration of "Will it Work?"! This blog series will review specific computer peripherals, as well as how well they work with the Shadow Client and the Shadow Ghost.

For the beginning of the series, we will be reviewing the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Gaming Mouse. So, let us get started!

The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB


The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Gaming Mouse is part of the RGB lineup that Corsair offers to its consumers. It is the only MMO focused mouse offered by Corsair and is a direct competitor to Razer's Naga and Logitech's G600.

Build Quality and Design


The Scimitar Pro offers decent build quality. Much like many other mice, the main material used on the mouse is plastic with a matte finish that makes it feel and look expensive. The mouse itself feels sturdy, and at 147g, this mouse is rather hefty.

The shape of the Scimitar Pro is favored towards ergonomics. The Scimitar Pro is a larger mouse with a smooth arching shape that cups to your hand.

The top of the mouse sports left and right-click, a rubberized mouse wheel and two DPI buttons that can be programmed to whatever you want.

On the left side of the mouse, you are given 12 programmable buttons that can also be adjusted forward or backward for a more comfortable feeling when using the mouse. A major plus one for Corsair!

On the other side of the mouse, you will notice rubberized padding for grip, and the shape of the mouse allows for a comfortable hold while gaming.

The base of the mouse, you will find four Teflon pads to allow for smooth gliding, as well as an optical sensor that allows up to 16,000 DPI!

I would personally give it a 7/10 for build quality.



With the ability to customize the Scimitar Pro's DPI from 1-16,000 DPI, this mouse can be adjusted to suit any need while gaming. With the ability to set multiple DPI profiles, you can switch mid-game allowing for a serious boost to your gaming.

The 12 programmable buttons on the side allow you to customize specific inputs/macros to free up the need to use your keyboard. This will allow you to focus on using your keyboard for WASD and other movement functions, whilst using your mouse to handle your skills, gun switching, or any other function.

This mouse is tailored towards MMO/MOBA/RTS players, but can easily be used for any type of game you want.



The Scimitar Pro offers 17 programmable buttons using Corsairs iCUE software. This Software allows you to modify the RGB lighting of your devices, sync them, and program each button however you want it to be.

The iCUE software does take a bit of learning to get used too, and the user experience is not the greatest compared to other software from likes of Razer and Logitech, but it gets the job done.


Using it with Shadow

Shadow Client (Windows)

The way the Shadow Client is designed, your mouse inputs are emulated directly to your Shadow PC when using your keyboard/mouse. This allows for pretty much any device to be able to work almost perfectly on your Shadow PC, as long as you have the proper drivers installed on the host PC.

This does not change for the Scimitar Pro, as I was able to use all of my programmable buttons that were set using the iCUE software on my host PC. I only ran into a few issues on my host PC when the iCUE software failed to load my custom buttons, and thus had to restart and/or repair the installation.

Shadow Ghost

The device works surprisingly well with the Shadow Ghost. If you want to use the iCUE software on your Shadow PC, you must use a USB 3.0 port on the Shadow Ghost.

Using a USB 2.0 port will cause your Shadow PC to not recognize it via the Ghost's USB over IP technology, and is only emulated like using it without USB over IP on the Shadow Client.

The device, however, does allow for you to customize it and save customizations to its onboard memory, and thus you can use a separate PC with iCUE installed to customize it, save the customization, and then just use the USB 2.0 port whilst keeping your customizations. You will need to reconnect it to said PC if you want to customize it again in the future.

Final Thoughts

I use the Scimitar Pro as my daily driver, and I love it! My previous MMO mouse was the Razer Naga, and although I loved the positioning of the thumb buttons a lot better than the Corsair, the device itself failed for me much too soon.

If you are looking for a decent quality MMO gaming mouse, I highly recommend the Scimitar Pro. Price-wise, it compares to the Razer Naga but is a bit more expensive than the Logitech G600.

If you already use other Corsair peripherals, then I highly suggest going with the Scimitar Pro just so that you can use the iCUE software for your customizations.

Interested in purchasing the Corsair Scimitar Pro? Click this link!

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