Risk of Rain 2 developers detail plans for post-launch content

Risk of Rain 2 developers detail plans for post-launch content

Hopoo Games have detailed out their plans for their 3D Bullet Hell game, Risk of Rain 2. This news comes in the form of a Dev blog post on there Steam page this past weekend.

In the post, they detailed their thoughts on how Risk of Rain 2's early access and launch went, going on to state that they have learned a lot from it. After that, they detailed out what their plans are for the game going forward. They want to go on a path that will make Risk of Rain 2 sustainable while growing there team.

To begin, Hopoo Games will be working on a free content update for all of those that own the game. This update will include all of the missed content when development was shifted around to get the game launched.

To help make the game sustainable, Hopoo Games is looking to create "Expansions" for the game, which will be an additional cost. These contents will be based around themes and will only occur 1-2 times a year.

Any bug fixes, quality of life changes, or balance patches will be free for those who own the base game.

It appears that the goal of releasing large expansions is to help fund paying the developers and any other costs associated with the creation of the game. Hopoo Games also want to continue to entice you to play the game. New expansions that bring a large amount of content to the game will bring players back who want to experience new and more challenging content.

Along with the announcement of future expansions, Hopoo Games would like to support the modding community for Risk of Rain 2 a bit better. They are currently working on making modding easier for the game and will continue to release small changes to reach that goal.

The final part of the announcement is the release of the game on Google Stadia. Along with the release of the game on the Cloud Gaming platform, those who purchase the game on Google Stadia will have access to a bonus map called "Sundered Grove." This map was created in partnership with Ghostpunch, and they hope to bring the map to other Risk of Rain 2 players as soon as possible.

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