Roblox is being played by over half of US Kids

Roblox is being played by over half of US Kids

The pandemic is changing a lot of things. The main one being social interaction between people. Children still want to interact with their friends and what better way to do that than through video games?

Recently, Fortnite has shown us that games can become a place for meetups and hangouts, especially for kids. However, did you know that Roblox is one of those games?

The company told The Verge that over half of kids/teens under the age of 16 in the US are currently playing Roblox. As Roblox is highly available for many to play, and it does not require robust hardware to play, it has become a place for children to keep in touch with their friends during the pandemic.

In response to this, Roblox will be adding a new system called "Party Place." This will be a virtual social space where players can host meetups and parties. Initially, this system was only available to developers; however, Roblox plans to release the system to the public entirely free.

If you want an example of the system, you can check out the recap to Roblox's One World Concert that they hosted back in April.

I think it is incredible that games are starting to release social hubs/meetup content to their games. It makes it easier to stay in touch and hang out with your friends when you can not physically hand out with them. With the "Party Place," I wonder how this will affect Roblox's total player usage in the future.

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