Rocket League is going free to play on September 23rd

Rocket League is going free to play on September 23rd

It has been just over five years since Rocket League's debut to the world. It brought a unique game style along with it. Now, Rocket League is going free to play, and to celebrate this, both Fortnite and Rocket League will be hosting an event called "Llama-Rama."

Along with Rocket League going free to play, they will also be changing platforms from Steam to the Epic Games Store. Those who already own the game on Steam will not have to change platforms, and can continue to play the game from Steam; however, you will need to sign up for an Epic Games Store account. New players will only be able to play the Epic Games Store version but do not worry; you can play with those who have the game on Steam.

Those who add Rocket League to their Epic Games Store library will receive a $10 coupon to use on other games in the digital distribution platform. You will also earn some free in-game rewards for both Rocket League and Fortnite thanks to the Llama-Rama event.

To include even more goodies with the game going free to play. Season 1 will be starting, along with new competitive tournaments that will begin on the 23rd. You can also take advantage of game-wide challenges to get extra XP and items!

You can read more about the upcoming update over at Rocket League's official website.

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