Update - Shadow.Tips has a Patreon!

Update - Shadow.Tips has a Patreon!

We have moved away from using Patreon, and are now using Buy Me a Coffee, as it better fits what I would like to achieve with this blog. You can Buy me a Coffee, by clicking on the button in the top right corner, or by clicking the link below...

Hello fellow Shadowers (or soon to be Shadowers), I have an important announcement to make!!!

Shadow.Tips is on Patreon!

Why Patreon?

Shadow.Tips is amazingly fun to run. I get to provide useful information to you, my readers, while also learning new things during the research for my posts.

I also get to be part of a great community!

But, running this blog does cost money, and I do not want to do any annoying advertisements on here. So using amazon affiliates and Patreon will be my two focuses on income.

If you want to become a Patron, yay! If you don't, that is perfectly fine :). Either way, I will do my best to continue to provide content for all of you!

Other Announcements

New Commenting Platform

When I originally added commenting to this blog, I was using Disqus. I am a huge privacy buff when it comes to a lot of online things, and Disqus was not making me happy. So, I decided to remove Disqus and switch to Commento.io. Commento.io's main focus is privacy. Your information will only be shared with Commento.io when commenting on this blog. You also can comment anonymously if you do not want to sign up.

I'm on Discord!

I have been a part of the US Discord for quite some time, however, I have not recently partaken in discussions on there. I will start spending a lot more time on Discord to assist others to the best of my knowledge :).

If you want to contact me on Discord, my username is Raymyn#1510. Feel free to message me :).


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