Shadow Ultra/Infinite users are starting to be activated!

Shadow Ultra/Infinite users are starting to be activated!

It is an exciting day for EU users who have pre-ordered one of the new Shadow Tiers. According to Luc, Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite activations have begun.


This will begin with new users, and next week, activations for existing Shadow users will begin.

If you do not know what these new tiers are, last year Shadow announced that they were going to be switching to a "Tiered" based plans. Each tier will have different hardware and thus cost different amounts.

These three tiers are...

  • Shadow Boost
  • Shadow Ultra
  • Shadow Infinite


The Shadow Boost tier is similar to what they already offer to US/EU users. The Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite tiers are upgrades that will include RTX equivalent cards.

These new tiers also include the introduction of storage upgrades.

Although this news is only for EU users, it is good to know that they are one step closer to releasing the tiers in the US as well :).

Are you excited about this news as well?

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