Stadia Makers program adds seven new games to the platform

Stadia Makers program adds seven new games to the platform

In March, Google announced the Stadia Makers program for its cloud gaming platform Google Stadia. This program was created to inspire indie game devs who use the Unity Engine to release games on Google Stadia. The program has already brought a few games to the Stadia Library, and today, Google announced seven more games that are coming soon.

You can find a list of the games below:

  • TOHU
  • Death Carnival
  • Unto the End
  • Figment: Creed Valley
  • Nanotale: Typing Chronicles
  • The Darkside Detective Season 2
  • Kaze and the Wild Masks

Even though none of these games are AAA titles, they are all unique and look rather attractive. You can check out the full announcement to see trailers and descriptions of each game.

Stadia appears to be targeting indie game devs along with other well-known game developers. Hopefully, Google Stadia can continue to release games that will keep players interested in the platform. With it requiring that users need to buy games through the platform have already turned away some people.

With Google Stadia close to hitting its one year anniversary, what are your thoughts on how Google Stadia is currently doing?

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