Star Wars: Squadrons officially revealed with an October release date

Star Wars: Squadrons officially revealed with an October release date

EA has officially unveiled their next Star Wars game, Star Wars: Squadrons, a fast-paced, first-person dogfighting game set in the events of Return of the Jedi.

Squadrons will feature a single-player campaign mode with an original story and robust online multiplayer matches with up to 10 players in them. The game will also support cross-play between the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC (via Origin, Epic Games Store, and Steam). You can also play in VR with the PC or PS4 copies of the game.

Single-player mode will allow you to play through a story set after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the Death Star II. You will play as two customizable pilots that give you a view from both sides of the story.

The first pilot flies for the New Republic's Vanguard Squadron, while the other flies for the Galactic Empire's Titan Squadron.

Multiplayer mode will take place with 5v5 battles in two modes, Fleet Battles and Dogfights. Fleet Battles will task each team with destroying the opposing team's flagship. Dogfights will be an all-out battle to kill them all, similar to a Team Deathmatch.

Playing through the game will allow you to unlock new weapons, hulls, engines, and shields to boost your starfighter's power. Cosmetics will also be available to change how both your pilot and ship look.

The game will release October 2nd for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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