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Windows vs. macOS - What is best for Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming is designed to be multi-device and multi-platform ready; however, some platforms/devices are better than others for Cloud Gaming. Today, we will be looking at two popular operating systems. If you somehow avoided reading the title of this article, the two operating systems that we will be reviewing

16 May 21 3 min read
Shadow PC

The Shadow iOS app is back on the App Store!

In a recent forum post on Shadow's Community Forum, it looks like the Shadow iOS app is back on the Apple App Store. If you did not know, back on February 12th, Shadow was removed from the App Store for unknown reasons. In the new blog post, posted by Luc

19 Feb 21 1 min read
Shadow PC

Shadow has been removed from the Apple App Store yet again.

In a recent announcement by Luc over on the Shadow English Discord, it looks like the iOS application of the cloud gaming platform, Shadow, has been removed from the Apple App Store. This is not the first time this has happened. Nearly a year ago today, Shadow was removed from

12 Feb 21 2 min read

Apple is denying Cloud Gaming for its users

If you have been a part of the Cloud Gaming scene for some time now, you may know that many of the big platforms do not offer an iOS application. If they do, it is most likely a limited version of the app. As Microsoft's testing period for the xCloud

07 Aug 20 2 min read