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Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition coming to Blacknut on Day One

Announced today, Tate Multimedia will be releasing their latest game, Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition, straight to the cloud. However, it will be available first on Blacknut, PC, and console! Tate Multimedia has had a longstanding partnership with Blacknut, as they have brought many of their other games to the

22 Jul 21 2 min read

Blacknut and HitClic are committed to the accessibility of cloud gaming

Blacknut has announced that they have partnered with HitClic, known for its HandiGamers project, to provide a liable platform and guaranteed compatibility for adaptive controllers on Blacknut's cloud gaming services. Today, "more than a billion people are declared in a situation of handicap worldwide." With this partnership, Blacknut is committed

09 Jul 21 2 min read

VPN and Cloud Gaming - Why it may not be a good idea

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is software that many use for multiple reasons. One person may use it to mask their IP address for privacy, while others may use it to improve their connection to a game they play. No matter how you use a VPN, you probably read

21 Jun 21 3 min read

Ten reasons why Cloud Gaming might not be for you

We love cloud gaming here at But, it is not for everyone, and we want to be realistic about that. In this article, we will be covering ten reasons why cloud gaming may not be for you! 1. LatencyThe first reason, and honestly, the most important reason, is

09 May 21 5 min read

Blacknut partners with Wired Productions to bring their games to the cloud!

French-based cloud gaming service, Blacknut, has announced a partnership with the indie game publisher, Wired Productions. This partnership is meant "to bring a great selection of award-winning games to Blacknut's cloud gaming [catalog]." This includes award-winning games such as The Falconeer, Deliver Us The Moon, GRIP: Combat Racing, and other

05 May 21 1 min read

Which Cloud Gaming platform is for you?

Ah... so you finally decided to make the leap into Cloud Gaming, or you are taking another look at what platforms you have available to you? But, there are so many to choose from! Which should you choose? Hopefully, I can help you decide. But, before I begin, I want

02 May 21 8 min read

Blacknut teams up with NOS to bring 5G Cloud Gaming to Portugal

French-based Cloud Gaming publisher Blacknut has announced a new partnership with NOS, the most extensive communications and entertainment group in Portugal, to bring the "first dedicated cloud gaming experience" to Portugal. This partnership is part of NOS's official 5G deployment strategy. Teaming up with Blacknut, NOS will be offering cloud

13 Apr 21 1 min read