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Back 4 Blood now available on Boosteroid

The official Boosteroid Twitter account announced today that Back 4 Blood is available to play on the Boosteroid cloud gaming service! Imagine that you've had a nightmare, about extinction of the humanity  because of a deadly parasite🧟 Wait a minute… It’s not a bad dream, it’s

13 Oct 21 1 min read

13 new games available on Boosteroid for September

For September, the cloud gaming service, Boosteroid, receives 13 new games to their platform. Out of the 13 added games, nine of them are from Modus Games. Games added to BoosteroidAry and the Secret of SeasonsTrine 4: The Nightmare PrinceRemothered: Broken PorcelainOverride 2: Super Mech LeagueRock of Ages 3: Make

06 Sep 21 7 min read

VPN and Cloud Gaming - Why it may not be a good idea

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is software that many use for multiple reasons. One person may use it to mask their IP address for privacy, while others may use it to improve their connection to a game they play. No matter how you use a VPN, you probably read

21 Jun 21 3 min read