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Fall Guys

Fall Guys Season 4 will start on March 22nd

The next season of Mediatonic's on a battle royale, Fall Guys, will be kicking off on March 22nd. Season 4 will be sending players into the future. To the year 4041, to be exact, and it will be introducing seven new rounds to the battle royale platformer. These latest rounds

16 Mar 21 1 min read

Epic Games acquires Fall Guys studio, Mediatonic

It looks like Mediatonic will be joining an epic family. Announced initially on Fall Guys Twitter, Mediatonic will be joining the Epic Games family, as Epic Games acquires the developer. In a blog post over on Mediatonic's official website, Mediatonic states that "With our publisher Devolver Digital supporting and

03 Mar 21 2 min read
Fall Guys

Cuphead skins are on their way to Fall Guys

The developers of Fall Guys, Mediatonic, have announced a partnership with Studio MDHR to bring two Cuphead skins to the game. The two skins coming to the game will be Cuphead and Mugman. Cuphead will be available this Wednesday, February 24th, for ten crowns. Mugman will be available this Saturday,

23 Feb 21 1 min read
Fall Guys

Fall Guys teases upcoming costumes for Season Three

Season three is just around the corner for Mediatonic's popular battle royale game, Fall Guys. To hype up the new season's release, Mediatonic has been teasing us with upcoming features and other goodies that Season Three will bring to the game. This time, they decided to tease some of the

07 Dec 20 1 min read
Fall Guys

Fall Guys next season has been teased

Fall Guys has revealed the theme for its next season. Unsurprisingly, the new theme will be a winter theme, or as Mediatonic calls it, Fall Guys: Winter Knockout. This is not an official reveal, so we do not know all of the fine details of what will be coming in

29 Nov 20 1 min read
Fall Guys

Fall Guys Season 2 begins this October 8th

The next season of the popular battle royale game, Fall Guys, is set to begin next week on October 8th. Along with the new season, Fall Guys will also be introducing more rewards for players. Starting in Season 2, Mediatonic has included over 600% more golden crowns into the Season

03 Oct 20 1 min read
Fall Guys

The Big Yeetus & Anti-Cheetus update is now live on Fall Guys

Fall Guys has released there mid-season update. This one adds a new anti-cheat engine to hopefully prevent most cheaters in-game and a giant spinning hammer that is neither your friend nor enemy. BIG YEETUS & ANTI-CHEATUS is now live! Surely that's worth a retweetus?

16 Sep 20 1 min read