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Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update coming in summer of 2021

The next update for Mojang Studios' popular game, Minecraft, has finally been announced. The update will be titled "Caves and Cliffs," and it will bring many new features to the game. The Cave and Cliffs update will bring a much-requested update to the game. The general focus of

06 Oct 20 1 min read
Mojang Studios

Minecraft Live will be on October 3rd

In a recent blog post over on Minecraft's website, Mojang Studios have announced that their annual MINECON has been renamed to Minecraft Live. This announcement comes as the world is still battling a global pandemic, and events have been switching to online-only events. This is no different for the annual

06 Sep 20 1 min read

Minecraft Nether Update is out now!

The next big Minecraft update, The Nether Update, is out today! Hop on and play in the new underworld that is entirely different than what we already know. With nether biomes, new villager-like beings, and new enemies to fight in the Nether, this update will surely add a new challenge

23 Jun 20 3 min read

Minecraft's Nether Update arrives on June 23rd!

Minecraft's next major update will arrive on all platforms next week on June 23rd. This date applies to the game's Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android editions, as well as the Java versions of the game. Watch the Trailer on YouTube This update brings a

19 Jun 20 1 min read

Mojang rebrands to Mojang Studios

Mojang, the studio behind the award-winning block building adventure game Minecraft, has done a slight rebranding. Mojang is now known as Mojang Studios. The announcement was made on 5/16, Minecraft's 11th birthday, and is a new chapter for the company behind Minecraft and the newly released Minecraft Dungeon. Mojang

18 May 20 1 min read

Minecraft with RTX to go into beta this week!

Last year, NVIDIA teased us with a statement stating that they are working on ray tracing capabilities for Minecraft. Soon, we started getting teased a bit more with pictures and examples of how Minecraft looks with ray tracing enabled. Well, it has finally come. Microsoft and Mojang are finally blessing

14 Apr 20 1 min read