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NVIDIA GeForce Now

GeForce Now Beta for Australia begins September 22nd

GeForce Now, powered by Pentanet, will begin beta testing on September 22nd for Australian gamers. This beta will include the full library of available games from GeForce Now. That gives Australian gamers the ability to play over 1000 games without needing to own the powerful hardware themselves. You can have

16 Sep 21 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

Possible GeForce Now Game Database leak?

An interesting blog post appeared, written by Ighor July, who talks about how he ended up data mining the full list of games that have ever been on GeForce Now, as well as the possibility of some future ones. In his blog post, Ighor writes about how he was able

13 Sep 21 2 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

Ubisoft Games are currently having patching issues on GeForce Now

Recently announced on GeForce Now's Status Page, games from publisher Ubisoft are having difficulties patching NVIDIA's cloud gaming service. This means games such as Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege are experiencing issues applying new patches on GeForce Now. This prevents the games from launching or extending

08 Sep 21 1 min read

Humankind is now available on Stadia and GeForce Now

Today marks the release date of SEGA's long-awaited 4x game, HUMANKIND. With the release comes the game to two cloud gaming platforms. Available now, you can play HUMANKIND on both Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now. Notice - HUMANKIND is officially released on GeForce Now (confirmed on our account). If

17 Aug 21 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

What is NVIDIA GeForce Now?

NVIDIA is one of the largest video card manufacturers in the world. But did you know they offer other services outside of just creating video cards? If you are reading this article, you likely came across one of these services and are wondering what it is. Well, hopefully, this article

16 Aug 21 4 min read

Fortnite is currently having issues on GeForce Now

Update: 7/24/2021 4:50PM It looks like NVIDIA has resolved the issue, as the Fortnite login issue is no longer listed on the GeForce Now Status Page. You should be good to game! Original Article: According to the GeForce Now Status page, it has been identified that some

23 Jul 21 1 min read
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is currently having issues on GeForce Now

Update 8:57 AM CST: It looks like the issue with Destiny 2 has been resolved. It is no longer on the Status page. Original Article: According to the GeForce Now Status Page, Destiny 2 is currently having issues launching on GeForce Now. Due to this, NVIDIA has taken the

09 Jul 21 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

10 games heading to GeForce Now this week

Another GFN Thursday announcement is upon us. For this week, it appears that NVIDIA is focusing on bringing multiplayer games to light, with highlights on games available such as Among Us, League of Legends, Valheim, and more. They highlight these games because three of the ten games coming to GeForce

08 Jul 21 2 min read

VPN and Cloud Gaming - Why it may not be a good idea

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is software that many use for multiple reasons. One person may use it to mask their IP address for privacy, while others may use it to improve their connection to a game they play. No matter how you use a VPN, you probably read

21 Jun 21 3 min read

Humankind is heading to GeForce Now

A tweet from the official Humankind Twitter account looks like the Humankind game is coming to GeForce Now. Play through 5 eras of human history in HUMANKIND's upcoming Closed Beta! Gain access by pre-purchasing on @Steam or @EpicGames Store, and coming to a cloud near you with @NVIDIAGFN.

14 Jun 21 1 min read

Ubisoft+ is now available in the UK/Europe

Multiple reports have surfaced that Ubisoft+ is now available for users in Europe. This means that if you are in Europe and have an Ubisoft+ subscription, you will be able to play Ubisoft games on the Google Stadia, GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna cloud gaming services. Thanks to a report

02 Jun 21 1 min read

Ten reasons why Cloud Gaming might not be for you

We love cloud gaming here at Luro.io. But, it is not for everyone, and we want to be realistic about that. In this article, we will be covering ten reasons why cloud gaming may not be for you! 1. LatencyThe first reason, and honestly, the most important reason, is

09 May 21 5 min read

Which Cloud Gaming platform is for you?

Ah... so you finally decided to make the leap into Cloud Gaming, or you are taking another look at what platforms you have available to you? But, there are so many to choose from! Which should you choose? Hopefully, I can help you decide. But, before I begin, I want

02 May 21 8 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

New Features and 7 Games coming to GeForce Now

Guess what day it is? It is Thursday! And you know what that means? GFN Thursdays, baby!!! Okay... Enough with the cheesy introduction, let us get straight into the announcements for new features and games that are coming to GeForce Now. PreloadingOne of the features that NVIDIA announced is the

29 Apr 21 2 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

15 New Titles coming to GeForce Now

This week, we get 15 new games becoming available to play on GeForce Now. With this announcement, NVIDIA has released 55 total games so far this month on their Cloud Gaming platform. Significantly more than they suggested at the beginning of the month. New Games on GeForce NowTurnip Boy Commits

22 Apr 21 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA GeForce Now membership cost doubles

NVIDIA has announced a price hike for its cloud gaming platform, GeForce Now. Initially titled the "Founders Tier," NVIDIA offered it to subscribers for $5 a month or $25 for six months. The Founders tier allowed users to gain priority in gaming queue lines, access to RTX and DLSS features,

18 Mar 21 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA GeForce Now for Chrome and M1 Macs

With the most recent release of NVIDIA GeForce Now, you will be able to stream games directly to the Chrome browser on more than just Chromebooks. With version 2.0.27, gamers can play their favorite games in the cloud using a Chromium-based browser on Windows, macOS, and Chromebooks. Other

31 Jan 21 1 min read

Fortnite will be getting Ray Tracing and DLSS support

On Tuesday, NVIDIA announced its new Ampere Graphics Cards live on stream. Alongside the announcement of the RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090, it was also announced that Epic Games would be bringing ray tracing and DLSS 2.0 support to their massively popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite. This

02 Sep 20 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

How to use GeForce Now on Linux

Update 4/13/2021: It has been quite some time since this article was published. NVIDIA has come a long way in their browser streaming tech and now allow pretty much any chromium-based browser to access GeForce Now on most operating systems, including Linux. You should be able to access

27 Aug 20 3 min read

NVIDIA GeForce Now is now available on Chromebooks!

This is some exciting news! NVIDIA has officially announced ChromeOS support for its Cloud Gaming platform, GeForce Now. This is another step towards making PC gaming more accessible to anyone! Initially, Google Stadia is technically the only supported Cloud Gaming platform available on Chromebooks; however, Google Stadia requires you to

18 Aug 20 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA teases potential announcement of Ampere GPUs

The official NVIDIA GeForce Twitter account decided to tease us. It changed its header and logo and included the words "The #UltimateCountdown - 21 Days, 21 Years". NVIDIA has also announced that their will be a special event hosted on September 1st, which you can find the countdown

11 Aug 20 1 min read

Apple is denying Cloud Gaming for its users

If you have been apart of the Cloud Gaming scene for some time now, you may know that many of the big platforms do not offer an iOS application. If they do, it is most likely a limited version of the app. As Microsoft's testing period for the xCloud app

07 Aug 20 2 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

New games on GeForce Now 7/2/2020

It is another Thursday, and do you know what that means? Yep, it is another Game Ready On GeForce Now announcement! GeForce has announced that they will be adding 11 new games, as well as one game returning to the platform today. You can find the announced games below: New

02 Jul 20 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA GeForce Now 6/25 game releases

Another week, more games available on the GeForce Now platform. This week, we see that NVIDIA has added 13 new games and three games returning to the platform, thanks to the latest opt-in model that NVIDIA has switched the GeForce Now library too. You can find the list of games

27 Jun 20 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

Square Enix titles return to NVIDIA GeForce Now

On Thursday, NVIDIA announced that select Square Enix titles will be returning to the GeForce Now platform, thanks to the opt-in program that NVIDIA recently put in place. In total, NVIDIA announced 21 titles joining GeForce Now, with 14 of them being Square Enix games. Below, you can find a

19 Jun 20 8 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

GeForce Now Game Ready update April 30th

Another week means even more games available on the GeForce Now platform. This week we see an addition of quite a few games. These games are... Amnesia: The Dark Descent Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood - Uplay Battle Chasers: Nightwar Dead Island Definitive Edition Drug Dealer Simulator Earth 2160 Fire Pro

30 Apr 20 12 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

7 new games available on GeForce Now

Another week, another set of games available on GeForce Now through their Game Ready on GeForce Now series. This week, we have 7 new games avaialable for you to access through GeForce Now. These games are... Main Assembly Beta Bus Simulator 18 Onmyoji Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Saints Row: The

10 Apr 20 3 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

Another week, more games on GeForce Now!

GeForce Now is doing its best to still get its name out there. With some setbacks at the beginning of its launch, they have gotten some bad press. But, it seems like NVIDIA is doing its best to make its cloud gaming platform better and better. And one of the

30 Mar 20 3 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

New games released on GeForce Now

Although NVIDIA may be dealing with some issues with some major game publishers, they are still able to pump out some new additions to the GeForce Now library every week. This time, NVIDIA added some pretty popular games to their platform. These games are... Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Dungeon Defenders II

14 Mar 20 2 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

2K games pull their games from GeForce Now

So, here I thought things were starting to work in favor of GeForce Now when I posted that they got some more games recently... However... It looks like 2K Games have pulled their games from the platform. In a forum post from NVIDIA, "Per publisher request, please be advised

08 Mar 20 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

New games on GeForce Now!

With developers and publishers pulling their games from GeForce Now, it is always nice to see new games coming out to the platform. Recently, NVIDIA announced on the GeForce Now twitter that five new games are available through GeForce Now. These games are... Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIVDead or

07 Mar 20 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

Another Title Pulled From GeForce Now

Recently, NVIDIA's GeForce Now platform has been in the news lately for Developers/Publishers pulling its games from the GeForce Now platform. This includes both Activision Blizzard and Bethesda. Now, after including a game on the GeForce Now library that they did not get permission for, they have been asked

03 Mar 20 1 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA GeForce Now is losing Bethesda Games

Things do not look good for NVIDIA's GeForce Now platform. Only just recently, Activision Blizzard pulled its games from the GeForce Now Library. According to a forum post on February 21st, Bethesda will be joining Activision Blizzard in removing its games from the GeForce Now library. This is two major

23 Feb 20 1 min read
Cloud Gaming News

Activision Blizzard pulls games from Geforce Now

On Tuesday, NVIDIA revealed that they have gotten a request from Activision Blizzard to pull all of its games from the GeForce Now platform.. "Per their request, please be advised Activision Blizzard games will be removed from the service. While unfortunate, we hope to work together with Activision Blizzard

13 Feb 20 1 min read