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Business Focus change and the future of

In October of 2019, I started what would become Many things have changed on since it initially started, and it has brought us to where we currently are today! Back in 2019, focused on one Cloud Gaming platform. That platform was Shadow. Today, we

17 Mar 21 4 min read
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No Cookies and Trackers for you!

No, seriously, none for you! Good news for our readers. We are now officially Tracker and Cookie free! What does this mean? Cookies First, let me explain what cookies are. A cookie is a term given to describe a type of message or data that a web server provides a

13 Jan 21 2 min read
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Year End Review - - 2020

2020... What an interesting year it has been. A lot has happened this year, for both the world, as well as for The primary aspect of it is the global pandemic that has changed everyday life as we know it. However, this post is about how 2020 went

27 Dec 20 7 min read
Site News is a year old!

Well, technically, we are a year and a few days as I ended up forgetting that October 17th was the day I launched! If you have been following from the beginning, you would know that was initially called was a

22 Oct 20 1 min read
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Dropping Google Analytics and using Fathom Analytics

One thing that I mention throughout the website is's focus on our reader's privacy. We do our best to ensure that you are not being tracked on our website, and you can enjoy a fast, advertisement free, trackerless experience. However, one of the biggest obstacles we faced is

24 Sep 20 2 min read
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Shadow.Tips is now!

After multiple weeks of pondering this decision did not come lightly, however, I am happy to announce that Shadow.Tips is rebranding to! Why? Well... let me tell you. Original origin of Shadow.Tips When I came up with the idea for Shadow.Tips, it was specifically going

05 May 20 2 min read
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Shadow.Tips Update!

I have some exciting news to share about Shadow.Tips! Shadow.Tips has made it in the top 200 Gaming Blogs list on Feedspot! This is an exciting day for me, as this is the first time Shadow.Tips has been featured in any kind of list, let alone one

05 Feb 20 1 min read
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Shadow.Tips Monthly Review - January 2020

January has been another exciting month for Shadow.Tips. Not only did we hit some goals, but I was able to post some nifty content that has helped hundreds of people! Shadow.Tips is only just beginning, and it is turning into something I truly love, and I hope to

01 Feb 20 3 min read
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Year End Review (2019)

As 2019 comes to an end, and 2020 begins, I would like to report how Shadow.Tips is going. I started this blog on October 17th of this year, and in just two and a half months, this blog has grown A LOT more then I thought it would. I

01 Jan 20 4 min read
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Update - Shadow.Tips has a Patreon!

We have moved away from using Patreon, and are now using Buy Me a Coffee, as it better fits what I would like to achieve with this blog. You can Buy me a Coffee, by clicking on the button in the top right corner, or by clicking the link below.

04 Dec 19 1 min read
Site News One Month Later

Oh snippity snaps! Shadow.Tips turns One Month old as of 11/17! Let me just say... wow, has it been a fun month! If you have read my About page, you may have noticed that I am a new blogger. I have had some random blogs here and their

16 Nov 19 3 min read
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Welcome to Shadow.Tips!

Shadow.Tips is live! This site is a resource for current and potential Shadow Users to find Benchmarks of your favorite games on Shadow, to find Tips & Tricks to make your Shadow experience better, to find Troubleshooting help to get your issues fixed faster, and much more! Shadow.Tips

17 Oct 19 1 min read