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Windows vs. macOS - What is best for Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming is designed to be multi-device and multi-platform ready; however, some platforms/devices are better than others for Cloud Gaming. Today, we will be looking at two popular operating systems. If you somehow avoided reading the title of this article, the two operating systems that we will be reviewing

16 May 21 3 min read
Shadow PC

Using Shadow for the past year

This week marks my one-year mark using the Shadow Cloud Gaming platform as my main gaming rig. It has morphed from a cool idea I wanted to try; to becoming my daily driver for gaming, editing videos, photo editing, and writing on this blog. Shadow has been a life-changer for

26 May 20 5 min read
Shadow PC

Elementary OS and Shadow

I have been a long time fan of the Linux operating system for quite some time now. I love being able to customize the OS the way you want to have it, and being able to get away from Windows. However, as you may know, since I run a gaming

06 Apr 20 2 min read
Software Reviews

GIMP, an open source alternative to Photoshop

Shadow is not just a gaming computer. It can replace your main computer if you do not require one of the many features that are not compatible with Shadow (Virtualization, torrenting, etc). Today, I will be talking about one of my most favorite Open Source programs, GIMP. I used to

29 Jan 20 2 min read
Shadow PC

This is why you can't use Android Emulators on Shadow

So you are a big android fan and want to use your favorite emulator like Bluestack on your Shadow PC. However, when you go to try it, you find out that you can not launch your emulator, and you are left confused and upset. Well, unfortunately, you are unable to

08 Jan 20 2 min read