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Google Stadia

Tchia will no longer be coming to Stadia

Originally revealed as a Steam and Stadia exclusive title, it has been announced that Tchia will no longer be coming to either Steam and Stadia. Instead, it will now be a PlayStation and Epic Games Store exclusive title. Tchia, a tropical open-world adventure, allows players to climb, glide, swim, and

10 Sep 21 1 min read

In a month, Valheim was able to sell 5 million copies.

I usually do not cover total sales of a game, but Valheim is just growing too darn fast to ignore! Launching on February 2nd, 2021, into early access on Steam, Valheim was released by a developer consisting of only five people. Since its release, the Viking-themed, progressive survival game has

05 Mar 21 1 min read

Valheim breaks the 500,000 concurrent player barrier on Steam

Valheim, the viral Viking survival game, has broken the 500,000 concurrent user barrier, according to Steam's player stats. With a Peak Today of 502,358, Valheim has become the third most popular game played on February 22nd. Valheim was beaten by Dota 2 with 592,737 peak players and

22 Feb 21 1 min read

Steam hit a record 120 million monthly active users in 2020

Steam released their Year In Review for 2020, and we get to see a glimpse at some relatively cool numbers for the digital gaming platform. Steam started their review with an overview of some numbers and acknowledging how the year has gone for everyone. Image Credits: Valve "As many

15 Jan 21 1 min read

Steam announces the winners of the 2020 Steam Awards

Every year, Steam has "awards" that they give out to games that have been voted for by the Steam Community. The games that receive the most votes in each category is considered the winner of the respective category. Steam has officially announced the winners of each category, and

05 Jan 21 4 min read

Steam sets a new concurrent user record of 25 million users!

Steam, one of the most popular digital distribution platforms for games, has hit a new all-time high for concurrent users. On January 2nd, Steam had over 25 million users logged in simultaneously, according to SteamDB. Now, this does not mean that 25 million users were playing games at the same

04 Jan 21 1 min read
Electronic Arts

EA Play is live on Steam

As of yesterday, August 31st, Steam users are now able to subscribe to EA Play, Electronic Arts' subscription service. Recently, EA has decided to bring their games back to Steam after leaving nearly nine years ago to promote their game launcher platform, Origin. Although their games are slowly coming back

01 Sep 20 1 min read

Steam Game Festival to return this October

It has been announced that there will be an Autumn Edition of the Steam Game Festival. In a recent tweet from Geoff Keighly, who announced the Summer Edition festival, it looks like we will be blessed with another Game Festival to try out some game demos on Steam. Valve is

13 Aug 20 1 min read
Electronic Arts

EA Access page is live on Steam.

At the end of last year, Electronic Arts announced that they would be bringing its games back to Valve's digital store platform, Steam. Recently, EA games started to pop up on Steam. EA also announced that they would be bringing their subscription-based service to Steam as well. If you use

12 Aug 20 1 min read

A Steam glitch temporarly removed games from players libraries

Steam was hit with a temporary glitch on Tuesday. Every Tuesday, Steam carries out scheduled maintenance to make sure that all systems are running normally. However, this maintenance caused some issues. Late Tuesday, players started reporting that games they have bought started showing the "purchase" button in there

06 Aug 20 1 min read

Steam places more restrictions on country switching

Valve has decided to make it more difficult for you to switch countries. This is to help prevent people from taking advantage of Steam's regional pricing when they do not live in said country. To help prevent this, Valve has added more restrictions on its game distribution service, Steam. This

31 Jul 20 1 min read

Steam quietly released a playtest button

It looks like Valve has decided to roll out a new way for companies to offer beta programs for their games. According to SteamDB creator @thexpaw, Valve shipped the playtest button to the steam store. This can be seen on the game, Total War: Elysium, a hearthstone-like card game. Currently,

28 Jul 20 1 min read