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Terraria has sold over 35 million copies to date

Terraria has reported that over 35 million copies of the game have been sold across all supported platforms. This announcement came in the form of an official announcement post over on Terraria's official forums. According to Loki from Terraria developers, Re-Logic, by the end of 2020, Terraria has sold over

23 Mar 21 1 min read
Google Stadia

FIFA 21 and Terraria are available on Google Stadia

FIFA 21 and Terraria are now available to own on Google Stadia. You may recall that the creator of Terraria and Google were having a bit of a disagreement when the creator's personal Google account was disabled for unknown reasons. That was recently resolved, and Terraria was put back on

17 Mar 21 1 min read

Terraria's creator cancels the Google Stadia port

Re-Logic, the developers of Terraria, has announced that they will be canceling the upcoming Google Stadia port of the game. Why? It appears that the co-creator of Terraria, Andrew Sprinks, has had his Google account disabled for unknown reasons. To make matters worse, his google account is tied to Re-Logic's

08 Feb 21 1 min read

Terraria releases its final update! Wait... what?

Back in May, developer Re-Logic released what they called the "final" update to Terraria. It was titled Journey's End, and it added a massive amount of content to the game since it was the final update. Shockingly, Journey's End was not the final update. Re-logic has decided to announce that

13 Oct 20 1 min read

Terraria has released its final update, and it's massive!

Nine years ago, a game that I thought was just a 2D version of Minecraft launched. This game is Terraria, and boy was I wrong about my initial impressions of it. Since then, the game has gone through many major updates. Each one bringing new content, quality of life changes,

17 May 20 2 min read