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Getting Shadow to work on Manjaro Linux

Well, unsurprisingly, I decided to switch my operating system yet again. This time, I decided to stray away from my comfort zone and look for a Linux Distribution that was not Debian-based. Arch Linux has always caught my eye, but I did not have the time to install and set

09 Sep 20 3 min read
NVIDIA GeForce Now

How to use GeForce Now on Linux

Update 4/13/2021: It has been quite some time since this article was published. NVIDIA has come a long way in their browser streaming tech and now allow pretty much any chromium-based browser to access GeForce Now on most operating systems, including Linux. You should be able to access

27 Aug 20 3 min read
Tips & Tricks

Top 6 Operating Systems to use for Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is a rather cool technology that opens up many possibilities for gamers to get into gaming without the need to spend a decent amount of money on a new console or a new gaming computer. Cloud Gaming platforms can be played on pretty much any device. From your

19 Jul 20 5 min read
Shadow PC

Getting Shadow to work on Ubuntu 20.04

This morning, I installed Pop!_OS on my laptop, as Elementary OS was starting to have some issues, and I wanted to try something different. The current version of Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu 20.04. If you are an avid Linux user and a Shadow user, you may

28 Jun 20 2 min read
Shadow PC

How Shadow can extend the battery life of your Laptop

Today, many laptops are praised for their extended battery life. You have some laptops reaching upwards of 20 hours of battery life when watching media or doing typical productivity activities like checking your email and using your favorite word processor. But what about gaming? Many laptops that boast these long

04 Jun 20 2 min read
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How Cloud Gaming can extend the life of your PC

Technology is a beautiful thing. You can access a vast amount of information, take notes with a device that fits into your pocket, and do a lot of other things! But, as Technology gets better, older devices may... struggle to keep up. If you have had a laptop for a

02 Jun 20 4 min read
Shadow PC

Shadow - An issue happened during the update

A few days back, I decided to open up Shadow on my laptop to stream some Monster Hunter World, only to be greeted with an unfamiliar message on the loading screen. "An Issue happened during the Update" It made me think, "Oh no, will Shadow not run?

14 May 20 2 min read
Shadow PC

Shadow Boost vs the cost of building a new PC.

Last year, I wrote a post called Shadow vs Building a PC where I compared the cost of building a PC with the cost of using Shadow. Now, since Shadow has announced their new tiers, I will be doing a cost comparison between building a new PC and using each

29 Mar 20 12 min read
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Cloud Gaming and Linux

Today, there is a multitude of operating systems to choose from when setting up your computer. We have Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and many other smaller, less known operating systems. If you are an avid techy, and you like messing around with your operating system, you may have dug your

25 Mar 20 3 min read
Shadow PC

Can you use a VPN with Shadow?

This is one question I see being asked a lot when I scour through the deep dark parts of Reddit... Well, it is just the Shadow PC Reddit, but I was just trying to make it sound cool! Anyways, back on the topic! A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is

20 Feb 20 2 min read
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3 Best Browsers to use on Shadow

So, you just got your Shadow PC set up and you have logged into it for the first time. You may ntoice you have a few browsers available to you. At the time of this post, you have Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (HTML) available to you. The kicker to

16 Feb 20 3 min read
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Cloud Gaming for a Minimalist

I have always been interested in the minimalist movement. If you do not know what a minimalist is, it is basically one who focuses more on only getting what they need and not buying the newest thing, just because an advertisement agency tells you too. I may not be a

10 Feb 20 2 min read
Tips & Tricks

How to reset your Shadow

Sometimes, you may run into a significant amount of issues with your Shadow. If you are an avid PC gamer and have owned your own gaming computers, you may know that periodically your machine may start running slow, the Operating System gets corrupt, or many other possibilities. At this point,

27 Jan 20 3 min read
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How much bandwidth does Shadow use?

This question comes up a lot, especially for those who have data caps. Shadow uses a decent amount of bandwidth. The higher the resolution/refresh rate you want to stream at, the more bandwidth you will use. Today, I will be discussing the math and giving some quick numbers of

25 Jan 20 3 min read
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How to keep your passwords safe on Shadow

One of the main concerns with Shadow is how well your traffic is encrypted over the internet from your device to your Shadow PC. Shadow has stated that there is custom encryption created that will encrypt all inputs from your local device to your Shadow PC, but to be extra

06 Jan 20 4 min read
Tips & Tricks

Disable Steam Remote Play on your Shadow

Shadow is a Cloud Computer that focuses on the gaming market. That being said, it is more than likely that you have installed Steam on your Shadow PC. It has been requested by /u/americanslon on Reddit to add this here on, so here we go with this

30 Dec 19 2 min read
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How to connect Cloud Storage to your Shadow

As many of you may know, one of the most complained about features, and the most requested feature upgrade is the storage of your Shadow. Shadow comes with 256GB of storage, which is more than enough for some, however, with the sizes of games getting larger and larger each year,

25 Dec 19 6 min read
Shadow PC

Ways to use your Shadow PC

So, many of you may know that Shadow's main focus for its product is the gaming market. You get a Cloud Computer that has a dedicated Graphics Card for gaming. But, did you know that your Shadow PC can be used for a lot of other tasks? With a dedicated

23 Dec 19 3 min read
Tips & Tricks

Optimal ways to stream on your Shadow

On today's Tips & Tricks, we will be talking about the best ways to stream on your Shadow PC so that your games do not suffer (as much), while still streaming at a decent quality. The Shadow PC is amazing, but there is one thing that causes a bottleneck. The

09 Dec 19 4 min read
Shadow PC

Stable and Beta and Alpha Oh My!

Hello fellow Shadowers (and potential Shadowers)! Today, I will be talking about the different "Versions" of the Shadow Client. These are the Stable, Beta, and Alpha versions. Let us start with the naming convention. Many software companies, from games to enterprise class software usually has multiple versions of

18 Nov 19 3 min read
Tips & Tricks

Updating your Graphics Drivers on Shadow

So, you just got your Shadow, and want to update all the drivers? Or you may have been using your Shadow for a few months and did not bother to check if your Graphics Card has an updated driver? Updating your drivers for your Graphics Card should be one of

11 Nov 19 3 min read
Tips & Tricks

Tips to Lower Latency and input lag

Latency. One of the most important computer terms when it comes to gaming. Latency can affect that clutch healing moment during an extremely tough raid in your favorite MMO, that sweet headshot to win a match for your team in your favorite FPS, or any other moment in your favorite

06 Nov 19 5 min read
Tips & Tricks

Tips for Cleaning Storage Space

Update 4/30/2020 - Shadow has released the ability to purchase more storage for your Shadow PC. These tips are still valid, however you are not limited to just 256GB of storage anymore. Welcome to "Tips & Tricks #3", today we will be talking about Storage Space on your

28 Oct 19 3 min read
Tips & Tricks

Shadow Keyboard Shortcuts

Shadow could be a little confusing at first. You may not know how to make Shadow Full Screen, how to lock your mouse, closing Shadow, and even open the useful Quick Menu! Below are the Keyboard Shortcuts that can make your Shadow Experience a little bit better :). Windows OS(Windows

18 Oct 19 1 min read
Tips & Tricks

Shadow is a Virtual Machine!

Hello all! Welcome to the first official post of Shadow.Tips "Tips & Tricks". These posts will be a collection of Tips and Tricks, that can help provide you a better Shadow experience. Our first Tips & Tricks is that Shadow is a Virtual Machine! What do you mean?Your

17 Oct 19 2 min read