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Amazon Luna

Three games coming to Luna+ in September

Amazon has announced that three games will be making their way onto the Luna+ channel on Amazon Luna this upcoming September. Amazon Luna, which is still in its beta phase, is slowly making progress with games. Unlike other cloud gaming services, Amazon Luna utilizes "channels" to offer games to its

27 Aug 21 1 min read

Ubisoft+ is now available in the UK/Europe

Multiple reports have surfaced that Ubisoft+ is now available for users in Europe. This means that if you are in Europe and have an Ubisoft+ subscription, you will be able to play Ubisoft games on the Google Stadia, GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna cloud gaming services. Thanks to a report

02 Jun 21 1 min read
Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna is now available on Android

Amazon Luna will now be available to play on your Android device. This was announced on Tuesday, and it will be using the same browser-based streaming technology that Luna uses on iOS devices. Hey @TheCodeB00K, as Raghu from Team Luna explains below, you won’t have to wait very long

17 Dec 20 1 min read
Google Stadia

Ubisoft+ comes to Google Stadia

Ubisoft recently rebranded its pay-for-access subscription service from Uplay+ to Ubisoft+. With the recent rebrand came talks of bringing the service to Google's cloud gaming platform, Stadia. Well, starting today, you will now be able to access your favorite Ubisoft games on Google Stadia. The best part about it is

16 Dec 20 1 min read