Write for Luro.io

Do you enjoy reading Luro.io? Do you love reading up about Cloud Gaming and Gaming News, Guides, Reviews, and Benchmarks? Do you have a favorite game or Cloud Gaming platform?

Why not write for Luro.io?

You may have noticed that there are quite a few Cloud Gaming platforms, as well as A LOT of games that you can play on them. There are even more things happening with those Cloud Gaming Platforms and Games. Game breaking updates, fan outcries, patches, and much more.

We are looking for contributors who would like to help grow Luro.io with content related to Cloud Gaming and the games available on them.

If you are an expert in one or multiple PC Games, a Cloud Gaming Platform, or specific PC Hardware, we want you!

Luro.io is a reasonably new site looking to expand and become the #1 premier source for Cloud Gaming News, Gaming Reviews, Guides, Benchmarks, etc.

What we are looking for

  • Someone who has a favorite game/platform they want to write about
  • Someone who has a passion for writing
  • Someone willing to be involved with their readers through comments
  • Someone willing to help Luro.io grow

At this time, writing for Luro.io is a non-paid position. This is because of the fact that Luro.io is a zero-advertisement platform, which limits our overall income to those who contribute to us directly through donations or subscriptions, or income earned from our affiliate links.

Once Luro.io gains popularity and steady streams of income are formed, all writers will start being compensated for their work, and past work as well.

If you are interested, feel free to reach out to me via email - lucas@luro.io

Hope to hear from you!

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